I realized on Wednesday that everytime I thought I had been replying to a comment that someone on my blog left for me, I was actually just replying to another one of my email addresses.  So pretty much, I have discovered that I am an inadvertent jerk who never replies to messages on my blog.  Sorry about that.


Monkey Sock Swap 3

I got an awesome monkey sock swap package this past week from Cheryl. She knit me a pair of monkeys in some wonderful colors. Aren’t they great?

She also sent a great assortment of monkey items, including a cute little monkey pendant, a barrel 0′ monkeys, some monkey mechanical pencils, an awesome monkey project bag, and the most cutest monkey bowl ever. She sent the Cookie A Thelonious pattern and some louet gems yarn in the crabapple blossom colorway as well.

I really enjoyed participating in this swap. Thank you, Cheryl, for a great package.


Oh little blog, I miss you so much, but I am almost never home any more to update (never home in the best possible way, because it means that I am out and about doing fun things).

I wanted to share my most recent finished object.  I knit these legwarmers for my friend’s baby to keep her knees protected as she crawled around.  Of course, by the time I got around to knitting them, she was pretty much walking.

They were simple to knit.  I cast on 60 stitches and did a K3P3 rib for nine inches before casting off.   The yarn is Perchance to Knit (sport?) weight yarn in the spring bouquet color.  We got a chance to test them out in a little trip to a Half Moon Bay pumpkin patch.  Aren’t they (the legwarmers, the baby, and the pumpkins) cute?

I’m off for a weekend in Monterey.

#2 Fess Up

There are so many personality flaws that I could write about here, but I thought I would write about my gift receiving issues.

I love giving gifts.  I love spending time making or finding the perfect something for someone.  On the other hand, I am not a good gift recipient.  Well, that is not entirely correct, I am not a good gift recipient when it comes to gifts from my husband.  I am embarrassed about how horrible I am.

Evan tries really, really hard to please me at gift giving occasions.  One of the first Christmases we were together, he gave me a water filter pitcher (because he knows that I am bad about drinking enough water and he wanted to make the process more palatable to me) and a huge set of gel pens (because I really love gel pens), but I wanted something more smooshy/lovey/gooey and thus wasn’t happy.

One year, Evan gave me this really nice tabletop easel because I had been playing around with painting.  I cried, not because of the thoughtfulness of the gift, but because I felt like he was pressuring me to be some great artist.

A couple of years ago, Evan gave me a nice quilt for my birthday, but I made him take it back because it wasn’t the specific one I had told him I had wanted.

Last year for my birthday, Evan gave me a digital camera.  My old camera kept turning itself off when I was trying to take a picture and he knew it had been driving me crazy.  I kept the camera in the box for a few days while I considered whether I was being too greedy to want a new digital camera when my other one was still mostly functional.  (This is another personality quirk of mine.  I hate getting a new version of something,  if I already have it, even if my old version is pretty much dead.  I feel guilty because it feels like cheating to me.)  When I opened up the camera, I didn’t even take it out of the box to look at it.  I just set it aside.

The fact that Evan even bothers to give me gifts at all is a testament to the truly wonderful man that I married.  I certainly don’t deserve them.

In the upcoming weeks, I plan to follow Maggie Mason’s book in order to spice up my blog posts a bit.

I’m starting with #1 from the book, Reign supreme.

When I am queen, people will not be allowed to wear those cyborg cell phone ear pieces when they are not doing something that completely prevents them from using their hands to hold the damn cell phone to their ear.  If you are not actually talking on the phone, the cyborg device must immediately be removed from your ear.

When I am queen, people will put ketchup, no mustard on hot dogs.  Mustard is gross. If people must have mustard on their hot dogs, they will take care not to contaminate the ketchup pump with disgusting mustard.  The same thing goes for the knives used at sandwich shops.   Yuck.

When I am queen,  the edge of the top sheet will always be folded neatly over the top of the duvet.  In fact, the duvet cover and top sheet will have little snaps so that they stay together.  I hate dangling top sheets.

When Evan is queen, people will always fully pronounce the word probably.  People that say prolly or probly make Evan’s teeth hurt.

I’ll prolly think of some others later, but these are all the pet peeves I can think of right now.


I’ve been feeling sort of blah about blogging lately.  I’ve been busy doing stuff, but nothing seems particularly blogworthy. Somehow writing about knitting gets sort of old after awhile when you are primarily knitting small projects with minimal pattern modification.  I am thinking about dusting off my autographed copy of “No one cares what you had for lunch” to spice up my blog posts.  Look for those posts starting next week.

After we got married, Evan and I stopped really celebrating our anniversary of becoming a couple.  Today, however, marks our tenth anniversary and I think it is worth celebrating the fact that the relationship of a couple nineteen year old kids has lasted this long.

It’s been a great ten years.