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I didn’t intentionally take a four month blog break, but somehow actually participating in life got in the way of blogging about life.  I’m sure that I’ve pretty much lost all of my readers, but if you’re still hear, leave a comment and say hello again.

We’ve done a bunch of traveling in the past few months, with trips to Healdsburg, Washington, and even Angola, Indiana in May alone.  Getting to spend so much time with friends and family has really helped me shake off the dregs of last year and enjoy the new year.  It also helps that a majority of my crafty time lately has been spent making cutey cute things for the babies of friends and family that will join us in the upcoming months.

For example, I knit both Elijah (elephant) and Sophie (bunny) for the babies of a friend of Evan’s from high school.  I used Zen string sock yarn for both (for more details, check out my recently updated ravelry account).  I would highly recommend both of these patterns because there is no finishing involved other than sewing on the eyes.  You start with the head and then pick-up stitches for each of the body parts.

Right now I am working on a knit baby blanket for a co-worker’s baby due in a few weeks and a quilt for the niece that is due to arrive next week.  Now that my schedule has calmed down a bit I hope to post more.


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