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Last night as we were getting ready for bed, Evan picked up Quincy (our cat named after one of Evan’s favorite childhood television shows) and set him on the bed. He immediately bounced off. It was like magnets were stuck to the bottom of his feet and the bed had the same polarity. Ever the scientist, Evan grabbed Quincy and tried it again. Quincy repeated the “repulsed from the bed” behavior twice more, before taking shelter under the guest room bed down the hall. I have to admit that I waved my hand around over the bed to feel for ghosts.

Thinking that perhaps there was something on the bed that cats could sense better than me, I got Muffin (I know that it is a lame cat name, but it was the only thing she would respond to when we got her). When we tried the experiment out on her, she seemed quite content to hang out on the bed.

An hour later, Quincy wandered into the room. Evan picked him up and, speaking soothingly to him, tried to set him gently on the bed while petting him. The moment his paws came near the bed, he was scrambling to get away. At this point, I made Evan tear the bed apart to look for some hidden creature.* We couldn’t ever find anything.

Today, while he seems more comfortable being near the bed, he still refuses to be on it. It completely freaks him out. Normally, both cats spend all day lounging on the bed and Quincy is generally not a terribly fearful cat. I just can’t figure this out. All we can think is that something must have really startled him when he was on the bed yesterday. There is some construction next door, so maybe a noise from that? Until he gets over it, however, I’m going to feel a little unsettled in my room. Too many nights of reading “Stories to Be Read with the Door Locked” as a child, I guess.

* At one point in college, I was lying on my bed and reached my arms up behind me to stretch. All of the sudden, I was sure I was being bitten by a rattlesnake hiding behind my head. It turns out that my hand had touched some exposed wires on the alarm clock, and I had been mildly electrocuted. Despite the fact that it was wires and not a snake, I tend to be a bit cautious when there is the potential for creatures to be in my bed.


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