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Is it just me or do the holidays always seem like they’ll be better than they actually are? For the last ten days, Evan and I have been on the road, visiting family through Washington and Oregon. For me and my control freak ways, it has been difficult to give up nearly all control of the who/what/wheres of my life.

I would like to say that I handled the season of family juggling with poise and grace, but that would be a lie. My grace broke down on Friday night (“Christmas eve” with my in-laws), when I stormed away from the dinner table after my repeated requests to talk about something other than how the rash of weather related deaths in the Pacific Northwest (climbers, the Kim family, carbon monoxide poisoning due to indoor generator use, etc…) lately would not have occured with more common sense were ignored. I personally can’t think long on this topic without feeling horrible and the combination of the conversation and tomato aspic salad proved to be my breaking point.

Despite the chaos of family (or perhaps because of it), I have been knitting. I have completed the entire front of the mommy snug sweater (not shown) for a dear friend and pair of RPM socks that were knit using socks that rock garnet dreams to continue the sock a month challenge. They were originally knit for my sockret pal, but they fit me perfectly, so their fate remains to be determined.

Tomorrow, we head home to our own bed, our own cats (Evan and I have both been bitten by cats we’ve been visiting), our own kitchen, our own life.  I’m looking forward to beginning year number two in the bay area.


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Fun with Holiday Knits

My normal blogging time has been fully devoured with holiday knitting lately.  I know that most people like to keep their gift knitting top secret, but since tonight I finally finished the last project, I felt like celebrating by sharing some photos of the finished items.  Evan and I had a good time playing with the digital camera he got me for my birthday.

Gift #1 The beret from the most recent interweave knits.  The beret was knit using donegal tweed (color 174).  I had a problem with the increases on the top of the hat, so I just did a knit into the front and back increase and it turned out well.

Gift # 2  Fetching from knitty.  Knit using debbie bliss cashmerino aran (I love this yarn) in color 300502.  If you look closely in the picture, you can see one of my projects from ceramics class.

Gifts #3 and #4   Felted purse.  This was knit using a kit from my LYS, Nine Rubies.  The bag was super fast to knit, but it took quite awhile to attach the crochet chains that are used to creat the bands of color.  This picture also shows one of four elf hats (from Handknit Holidays) I knit.  This one was knit with three strands of manos del uruguay (two strands bramble, one strand uranium) yarn.

Gift #5  Elf hat (with earflaps) from Handknit Holidays.  This one was knit with manos as well (two strands of stellar, one of topaz).

 Gift # 6  Men’s hand/wrist warmers from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.  I knit these using misti alpaca, color 2105.  They are super soft and really warm.  I LOVE alpaca.

Gifts # 7 and #8 Two more elf hats from Handknit Holidays.  These were knit using rowan big wool in color rascal 032.  The hat I am wearing in this picture is actually for a child, which is the reason it doesn’t really fit.  You can probably tell that I really like these elf hats.  They are fast to knit and (I think) super cute.

I’ve also been working on my fair isle project a bit (no photos yet) and trying to knit some squares for firefly’s habitat for humanity project.  I had knit a couple and then realized that my gauge was off, so I had to rip them.  Now that my holiday knitting is done, I hope to get some more done quickly.

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