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After we got married, Evan and I stopped really celebrating our anniversary of becoming a couple.  Today, however, marks our tenth anniversary and I think it is worth celebrating the fact that the relationship of a couple nineteen year old kids has lasted this long.

It’s been a great ten years.


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He’s HOME!!!!

When our neighbor came home from work today, she saw him in our garage (we had been leaving it open a bit for him). She ran up to the door to scare him to the back of the garage and then slammed the garage door to trap him.

We couldn’t find him at first, but Evan finally found him and brought him back into the house.

He’s home in one piece and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks to everyone for your cat catching thoughts.

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We have seen him twice now.  On Sunday night, around dusk Evan was looking for Quincy.  He saw him and started calling him.  At first Quincy ran toward him and then freaked out and ran away from him.  We cornered him under a neighbor’s deck, but he escaped.

Tuesday morning, I woke up around 5:30 in the morning and looked out our bedroom window.  He was strolling down the sidewalk in front of our house.  He then headed to the neighbor’s yard.  We ran outside in our pajamas to call him.  He once again headed toward us, then freaked out and ran the other direction.  I figure that his wild cat/self preservation instincts have kicked in and that is why he won’t come to us.  These instincts are probably keeping him safe outside, however, so I can’t be too mad.

Right now, we have three traps from the humane society set up around the house.  Since he seems too freaked out to actually come to us, we figure this is our best bet for catching him.  We know that the traps work because we caught a neighborhood cat on Saturday.

While I am so glad we know that as of yesterday morning he was alive and in the area, it is still so frustrating that we can’t catch him.

If you wouldn’t mind, continue to think good cat catching thoughts for us.

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Where is he?

I’m back from vacation three days early because Quincy has disappeared.  He hasn’t been seen for two days.  We live a block away from the highway and a number of busy streets.  I’m trying not to puke.

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