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Pay it Forward

I read about the pay it forward gift exchange over at PoMo Golightly and had to instantly sign up.

Here’s the deal. Be one of the first three bloggers (sorry, blogless and blog-free friends; maybe you should get blogs so you can play these reindeer games!) to leave a comment on the post requesting to join this PIF, and some time during the next 365 days, I will send you a hand made gift.  All you have to do in return is make the same promise on your blog

I have been on a good finishing kick this weekend.  I finished the trellis sweater I have been knitting (but never got around to blogging about) and I finally finished the tuscany shawl as well (pictures to follow at some later date).   After getting the house picked up this morning and sewing a Christmas thing for a friend, I feeling pretty darn industrious.  With the clutter cleared from both my brain and my house, maybe I can get around to blogging more often.


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