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FO: Katja

Awhile back…maybe in May….I knit the Katja baby top from knitty. The baby that it was intended for was going to be between a six month and twelve month size this summer, so I knit a size between the two. Now that purple is finally one of the project spectrum colors, it seems appropriate to finally post it.

For the project, I used two balls of Rowan Cotton Jeans in the hemp colorway. I really liked working with the yarn, although it seems like an adult sized garment in the same yarn would be a bit heavy.

Despite my tinkering with the pattern, it is still a bit big on it’s recipient. Since she is currently growing faster than a weed, I’m sure it will fit soon. If you look at the picture, you’ll also see the bee set from magknits that I knit for her before she was born. Both booties should have a ribbon around the ankle, but she ripped off one of the ribbons on her flight down. The other ribbon was torn off about fifteen minutes later. I guess I need to work on my sewing skillz.


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Tomorrow I leave for a two week trip to Massachusetts, so I’ve been spending all of my free time with my husband or furiously knitting, as I won’t have much contact either of them during my trip. I have a major backlog of complete knitting projects to blog about, but haven’t had the time to actually blog about them. It’s a bummer because I have a number of projects from the last couple cycles of project spectrum that I never got around to blogging about, like my blue Samus sweater and the completed Cecilia sweater.

I thought I’d briefly share some socks that I completed for Evan a couple of weeks ago. They fit into last month’s project spectrum as they have a great deal of both pink and green. I knit these plain vanilla socks using Schaefer Anne.

I promise that when I come back to share more completed projects and perhaps some pictures of Massachusetts.

In the interim, Evan has agreed to do some guest blogging here. I have no idea what topics he may cover. His interests range from parasites to politics and from cooking to robots. He does know how to knit, but I can pretty much guarantee that his posts will not be knitting related.

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I’m not sure I ever got around to posting about Project Spectrum related projects during the last set of colors (although I finished my blue Samus cardigan specifically because of project spectrum and then neglected to blog about it. Look for it in an upcoming post). As I was working on this baby cardigan the other day, however, I realized it is the perfect undertaking for the current project spectrum colors, pink, yellow, and green.

In case one doesn’t recognize it, it is the Cecilia cardigan from Knitty. I’ve googled around and I haven’t found a single person that has knit it true to the pattern. That’s unfortunate as it is quite a fun knit. It’s smartly designed (at least for me) in the fact that there is pretty much no seaming. I’ll pick up stitches and/or kitchener any day if it means I don’t have to seam. Plus, it has the added bonus of putting the Simon and Garfunkel song in my head every time I work on. I hadn’t really been exposed to Simon and Garfunkel music before my sophomore year of college. Once I heard the song Cecilia I was hooked.

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Finished Object

I’ve been knitting quite a bit lately, but haven’t been blogging about it.  This past Sunday, I took the fingerless gloves I had been working on along on a car trip to Point Reyes Lighthouse.  I didn’t quite finish them in the car (have you ever driven on Hwy 1…it’s sooo winding), but was able to cast-off the last stitch during Sopranos later that night.

It’s not quite the season for them anymore, but I am quite pleased with how they turned out.   They are oh, so, soft.

Project Stats:

Pattern:  Fingerless Gloves from Blue Sky Alpaca

Yarn:   Royal Alpaca, color 702 (spanish leather)

Modifications:  I knit them shorter than the pattern called for, otherwise I stuck to the pattern

The yarn and the pattern were both a gift from the wonderful Crafty Kim in the KMKS.  Thanks again, Kim!

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