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Evan and I had a generally lovely weekend at Yosemite. We stayed at the Wawona, which is a beautiful piece of national park history. It is a great place to sit with a book and enjoy the surrounding nature.

On Saturday, we visited Mariposa grove, which is an area of the park full of old sequoias. Feeling all physically fit from our running regime, we decided to complete the trek to the top of the grove to fallen tunnel tree (a tree that people used to be able to drive their cars through), rather than take the tram that most people use. We made it to the top, saw fallen tunnel tree, and hiked back. I wish I would have realized at the time that there is a FLAT loop trail at the top, where you can check out other cool sequoias, like telescope tree. The downward journey turned out to be more miserable that the upward one (I think there is an elevation change of 1,000 feet from the parking lot to the top loop, and you start out at 6,000 feet above sea level), as it was super hot and we had left our bottled water in the car. I am very thankful for my running regime, as I don’t think I could have completed the hike without it.

Sunday we spent driving around and getting a feel for the rest of the park. The first place we visited was glacier point, where we had a spectacular view of the valley and an even more spectacular view of the morning hang gliders taking off for the valley floor.


We planned to do a hike to check out this area near glacier point where there are fissures that open up all the way down to the valley floor. Too sore from our hike the day before, we headed to Mono Lake, on the east side of the park. The drive there was beautiful, but Evan started to feel horribly sick after we had made it over the pass, so this is all we saw of the lake. I think it was a mixture of dehydration from the day before and altitude sickness from going over the pass, although by the end of the drive home, his eyes were super swollen, so maybe allergic reaction to something?

Despite Evan ending the weekend a bit worse for wear (his boss on Monday suggested a seeing eye dog), it was a lovely weekend doing so many of my favorite things…reading, knitting, driving around, singing along way too loud (and out of tune) to the car radio, enjoying the sights and smells of nature, and, best of all, spending relaxing time with my husband. One of my favorite activities of the weekend was our imagined conversations between the occupants of the cars that were going at least twenty miles under the speed limit at all times. “Father, don’t you think we are going a bit fast?”

“Yes, Mother, I’ll slow it down.”


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For Jeff

These pictures were taken at Prairie Dog Town at the SF Children’s Zoo. They had just been fed, so they were running around trying (literally) to steal food of each other’s mouths.

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Last weekend, we went to the zoo. (Click on the sheep for more of my lovely zoo pictures).  It ended up being a lovely day.  Tomorrow we leave to spend a weekend in Yosemite.  I am so excited to visit this park.  Growing up, we never had a reliable car and couldn’t afford to travel by plane so I’ve been pretty much nowhere and seen pretty much nothing. 

The first time I flew I was a junior in college.   When I took a friend to the airport the year before the first time I flew, I commented on the fact that they weighed your luggage.  Evan at the time said to me (quite incredulously), “You never noticed that before?” 

At the time, early in our relationship, I was way too embarrassed to say that I had never flown before or even really been to an airport.  I don’t know if at that point in time Evan really realized how different my childhood was from his.   He was a lawyer’s son with a stay-at-home mom and I grew up in an single parent household, where my mom would walk miles and miles to and from college to save the 25 cent bus fare.  I still remember this kid in elementary school telling me, “You don’t dress nearly as bad as the other poor kids.”  Sometimes it is still difficult to reconcile me from my childhood with the gainfully employed “doctor” that I am today.

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Yes, I did finish those socks before my in-laws arrived last week. The stripes even match and my mother-in-law seemed to like them.

We had a lovely visit with my in-laws over the weekend of the fourth, well, apart from the food poisoning that I got after the day we spent in wine country. This is the first time that they have actually stayed with us for a visit rather than at a hotel and I have to say that it was really nice. They are wonderful people who raised a son that I love. On this visit, I tried hard to appreciate the fact that my mother-in-law likes to clean and decided to be thankful when she constantly cleaned up the kitchen (despite the fact that we have a robot that she bought us to do that work), instead of thinking that she thinks I am a slob. After nine years of being with her son, I have finally convinced myself that she just really, really likes to clean. I also reconfirmed my knowledge that my father-in-law really, really likes italian wine, as pretty much every wine we drank over the weekend was compared to italian wines. Honestly though, it was a wonderful visit. We got to see some of the Russian River Valley (where I had never been before) as well as a beautiful stretch of the California coast.

The fourth (our three year anniversary) was very low key. We took my in-laws to the airport and watched one of the local fireworks displays. Evan bought me my favorite flowers (despite the fact that they are pretty much out of season) and is treating me to a weekend at Wawona Lodge in Yosemite this weekend. As long as I don’t poison myself again or fall off any cliffs, it should be a great weekend.

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