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I haven’t been posting about my knitting lately, as I was working on Green Gable for a friend, who wanted to be suprised by the color. Now that she has received her knitted item, I can write about it. I never got a great picture of it, but here is what it lookd like during blocking.

I knit the shirt using brown sheep cotton fleece, in the color sedona red. It was a quick knit and an easy travel project over memorial day weekend. It’s always a bit nerve racking when you knit a fitted piece for someone you don’t have access to on a regular basis, but she reports that it is good fit and loved the color. Woohoo.
Right now I have two projects on the needles. A scarf for a friend in Oregon and socks for my husband and his size fourteen feet. They used to call him claudhopper when he was growing up. Here’s a picture of the current state of the socks. He spent much of Sunday wandering around with the one complete sock on, so I think they are going to be a hit.

Evan's socks


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