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I’ve been lucky enough to marry a man who makes me laugh every single day.
The other night I felt a pain on the side of my tongue. I stuck it out so that Evan could see if there was some sort of wound there.
“There’s a little hole there,” he says. “It’s the perfect size for one of those little worms to live in. That’s probably what it is…a worm hole.”
The conversation continued as Evan pondered what it would be like to have a worm living in his tongue.
“The worm could tell me if what I was eating had poison in it. Of course I would have to say…Too late Worm, the poison is already in my mouth.”

Those of you that know Evan will not be surprised in the least at this story as Evan is known amongst friends and family as having quite a fascination for all things related to parasites. For awhile, he had a parasite blog going on his myspace page, but it died out when he actually got a job and had to work for a living. And, while he does not have an MD, he believes himself to be an expert in all thing medical (well, really all things in general), so of course he would first diagnose a parasite and then ponder how helpful said parasite might be.


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Spring has sprung

Evan and I ventured into the great big city on Sunday.  I wanted to check out the new Vivienne Westwood exhibit at the de Young.  I was amazed with how different her clothing looked when it was on people versus on the mannequins.   Many times I would look at the clothes on the mannequins and go “eh” or “eww,” but then would be amazed with how it looked in the photos that went along with the exhibit or in some videos they had playing.  Her work really comes alive when you see it on living, breathing people. I also got the see the famous Naomi Shoes.

The other benefit of the trip to Golden Gate park was that I finally got to see my first tulips of the season.  Tulips are my favorite flower and my heart always leaps a little at this sign of spring.

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Evan and I went to see “Music and Lyrics” last weekend. By the time we got a parking spot in downtown San Mateo, the theater was pretty crowded. A nice teenage couple shifted seats so that we could sit with them in the back row of the movie theater.

What I found most amusing from our movie going experience, however, was not the movie itself, it was watching Evan squirm as the teenage couple next to him “made out” in quite a slurping manner for the majority of the movie. Now this was not entirely surprising to me, because they were a teenage couple and they were sitting in the very back of the movie theater, but Evan was more than horrified.

“I can’t believe that they would waste $20 on movie tickets if all they were going to do was make out the entire time,” Evan says on the drive home, as I continue to chuckle about Evan’s unfortunate seat in the theater.

I’m beginning to think that my husband is either 1) cheap or 2) never was a teenage boy as I believe that most teenagers that go to a movie with a date and didn’t end up kissing would be more likely to think that the $20 was a waste of money than those that do.

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Here comes the sun

I have noticed a lot of grumbling in the blogosphere about this earlier daylight savings time. While I never enjoy losing a hour of sleep, I have to say that having daylight later in the day is making me feel recharged. This weekend Evan and I decluttered. I organized my knitting crap into a consolidated corner rather than piles of yarn and knitting supplies distributed in random piles and bag around the house. We opened all the windows and let the house breathe. It was so refreshing.

I haven’t really had a chance to blog about our trip the previous weekend to San Antonio. We saw a few of the sights around town, including many of the area’s original missions and, of course, The Alamo. We did a long wander along RiverWalk. Much of the walk was full of air force men and women in uniform and their families. I was once again struck by how very young they all looked. It was both heartwarming and heartbreaking to see all of the hugging and squeezing and kissing of these service men and women by their family.

The boys were kind enough to let me visit a San Antonio yarn store. Yarnivore is only a short distance from our friend’s home. The proprietor of the store is very friendly and the store, while not huge, had a great assortment of yarns. A bit of everything. I left with a couple of skeins of debbie bliss baby cashmerino (for the knit-off) and a couple of skeins of j. knits sock yarn. I will definitely be back the next time we visit.

Mostly the weekend was a chance to get to see where our friends will be living, where their careers will take their next steps and where their baby will be born. Plus, I got to hear the hearty boy giggle that Evan has when he and B get together and talk about their ridiculous things. It was a good trip.

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Last week, my package arrived from my SSS2 pal, Keana.  I oooed and ahhed over the contents and then left town for five day, tagging a business trip onto the end of a long weekend in San Antonio visiting a friend.

Keana was so thoughtful in all of the great items she sent.  A copy of celebrity scarves, chibis, a fabric scrap keeper (maybe this will keep Evan from groaning too much when I get out the sewing machine), a mini spa kit, a super cute tape measure, some cascade fixation yarn (I haven’t ever knit with this), and a giant box of tictacs.  The piece-de-resistance is of course the sock that she made me.   She used Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in the Baltic Sea colorway.  She selected the color to remind me of my life in Oregon, with the browns and greens and blues.  I love the squishy wonderfulness of the first sock and look forward to when I can complete the pair.

Thank you so much, Keana.

Also, if anyone is interested, here is what the sock I completed for my pal looks like.  Unfortunately, it didn’t fit her, but she’s been a really good sport about it.

P.S.  My little gnome lover has been in Costa Rica for more than a week and no one has heard boo from her.

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