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What’s on my needles?

I haven’t talked about what I’ve been knitting in forever, so I thought I’d take a bit of time before my ceramics class tonight and share the projects that I currently have on my needles.

Project 1: Stacy from Big Girl Knits; yarn: Tahki Yarns New Tweed, color 032; needles: addi turbos size 6 and 8

Status: Sleeve Island. Both the front and the back of this sweater went relatively quickly, but I started the sleeves over Thanksgiving. I think that all of the ribbing plus having to increase every four rows (i.e. keep track of where I am) plus knitting both at the same time is making these sleeves annoying to knit. I made myself work on them last night.

Project 2: Lenore socks, October STR pattern; yarn: STR lightweight, color Lenore; needles: addi turbos size 1 (two circs)

Status: Second sock started. I just discovered that I messed up the top of the first sock. I could rip out the second sock top so that it matches, but I like the top of the second sock better. This is my car and about the town knitting.

Project 3: Cambridge Jacket, IK Summer 2006; yarn: Karabella Yarns Aurora 8, color 138; needles: knitpicks options, size 8

Status: I am currently working on the fronts. I feel like between this sweater and the Stacy sleeve, I have altogether too much ribbed knitting going on. I really love the Aurora 8 yarn. It is smooshy and soft.

Project 4: Secret of the Stole 2; yarn: Baywood Yarns whipped creme, color cabernet; need;es: knitpicks options, size 5

Status: I finished clue 1 on Sunday, so I am completely caught up. I originally planned to use this yarn on the first secret of the stole, but had too many other things going on at the time. I think I’ll like this pattern better anyway.

Here’s a better picture of the yarn:


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I got into Ravelry way back on June 2, but finally (after a summer of non-stop visitors) got the chance to play with it this weekend. It is really fun, although photographing and inputing my stash is taking forever.

If you want to friend me, my user name is periodicmumbling.

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Last Thursday I got the most fantastic pair of socks from my Sockapalooza pal, Maria.  She knit the Broadripple socks from knitty, with a few adjustments, like a garter short row heel.  They fit perfectly.

Aren’t they lovely?

Not only did she knit me these perfect fitting socks, she sent along a number of great items with them, including incense, a lovely little coin purse (which I will use to hold onto stitch markers) and a sock knitting bag all the way from Ecuador.

Maria was also kind enough to include remainder of the Cookie A handpainted yarn that she picked up from Stitches West earlier this year.  I actually went the Stitches West and planned to purchase Cookie A yarn and patterns, but when I saw that Cookie was working the booth herself, I got sort of intimidated by the possibility of meeting a real life knit designer.  I ended up skipping her booth, but I am kicking myself for it now that I can see first hand how great the yarn is.  At least I’m not the only one to be in wonder of Cookie A.

In order to get over my fear of meeting knitting personalities that I greatly admire, I took two (!) Amy Singer classes when she was here in the bay area a few weeks ago.  In the first class (No Sheep For You) there were some technical difficulties with the slide show that went along with the class, so the start of the class was a bit rocky.  Then one of the other class participants kept asking Amy over  and over again to speak louder as she couldn’t hear her.  (In my head I’m thinking, wow, I can’t believe that someone is actually yelling at Amy Singer).  When the woman asked for the third time for Amy to speak up, Amy very nicely asked if the woman could relocate to a seat closer to Amy so that she could hear her better.  The woman refused.  I couldn’t believe it.  I guess that not everyone has the fear of knitting celebrities that I do.

I am making slow but steady progress on the Tuscany Shawl from the second class.  I am using Baywood Yarns Luxury DK (50% merino, 50% silk) in the Blackberry Jam color.  I did, in fact, buy this yarn at the Nine Rubies booth at Stitches earlier this year.  The picture doesn’t really do this yarn justice as it has a wonderful sheen that is not visible in the photo.  It is also very, very soft.  Also, if you have a chance to take an Amy Singer class (or visit Purlescence Yarns where the class took place), go for it.  The classes were a lot of fun and the shop has a great vibe, a friendly staff and some awesome yarns.

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FO: Two Fuzzy Friends

When that cute baby was here, we happened to wander into Nine Rubies with her. They had a super cute version of the bunny from last minute knitted gifts knit up as a sample. Miss L seemed to really like it, so I had to knit her one of her own. Around the time that I was finishing the bunny, another friend had a baby. How could I not make a cuddly alpaca toy for that baby too?

The elephant was knit using a single strand of Misti Alpaca Chunky, color 3140. The bunny was knit using Misti hand dye worsted alpaca, color 1 doubled, and Zara in color 1759. I am going to have a hard time giving these two away, as they are so cuddly and soft.

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FO: Katja

Awhile back…maybe in May….I knit the Katja baby top from knitty. The baby that it was intended for was going to be between a six month and twelve month size this summer, so I knit a size between the two. Now that purple is finally one of the project spectrum colors, it seems appropriate to finally post it.

For the project, I used two balls of Rowan Cotton Jeans in the hemp colorway. I really liked working with the yarn, although it seems like an adult sized garment in the same yarn would be a bit heavy.

Despite my tinkering with the pattern, it is still a bit big on it’s recipient. Since she is currently growing faster than a weed, I’m sure it will fit soon. If you look at the picture, you’ll also see the bee set from magknits that I knit for her before she was born. Both booties should have a ribbon around the ankle, but she ripped off one of the ribbons on her flight down. The other ribbon was torn off about fifteen minutes later. I guess I need to work on my sewing skillz.

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I am really not trying to be a slacker about my blogging, but this has been the summer of the houseguest.  It’s really hard to find time to blog, when you can be spending your time chasing after four years, cuddling babies, chatting while you enjoy a nice glass of champagne, etc, etc.  There hasn’t been much time for knitting, let alone blogging.

To just begin to address my backlog of completed projects and projects in progress, I thought I would write a post to catalog all of the socks I have been working on or finished in (semi) recent weeks.

Back in June, I knit this pair of vanilla socks for Evan.  He went through my stash and selected some of my loudest sock yarn.  These were knit using Schaeffer Anne.  I cast on 72 stitches, knit a short ribbed cuff and it was straight stockinette with a gusset heel from there.  He likes them.

These socks I knit for my father-in-law as a very belated birthday present.  The pattern was a slight modification of the Gentleman’s fancy sock pattern from “Knitting Vintage Socks.”  I started out with 64 stitches and didn’t do the shaping.  The yarn I used was Claudia’s handpainted in the jungle colorway.  He thinks these lucky socks in the duck’s green are sure to win us the championship this year.

Here are the two pairs of baby socks I knit for some grad school friends that had a beautiful baby girl last week.  I used this pattern.   As the pattern suggests, I used some leftover sock yarn that had been rattling around the house. Both these pairs were knit during the weekend before last that Evan and I spent in Occidental.

Finally, I have been working on the socks for my pal in the sockapalooza 4 swap.  I finished the first a week and a half ago.  This week I have made good progress on the second.  I only have a week or two to finish, so I had best skedaddle.  I am a slightly modified version of the jigsaw lace sock pattern and lorna’s laces shepherd sock in the miata colorway.  So far, I like how the weird pooling that generally occurs with lorna’s laces is working with the pattern.  Hopefully my pal will like them.

I still have a big backlog of finished objects to blog about, but this is a start.

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FO: Cecilia Sweater

This is just one of many projects that I finished ages ago and never shared the pictures.

Pattern: Cecilia sweater from knitty

Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic, colors as indicated in pattern

Modifications: I made a few modifications to the pattern. Rather than graft the petals to the neck, I picked up the neck stitches, and then knit one stitch from the neck together with one stitch from the petals together all the way around the sweater. Then I knit another row back before casting off. It gives the top of the sweater slightly more structure. The other thing that I changes was to just pick up stitches for the button band and worked five or so rows of garter stitch before casting off. I worked in a two stitch vertical eyelet button hole when appropriate on one side of the sweater.  Also, the sweater was supposed to have a green stem up the back, but I decided that it wasn’t worth the fidgetiness involved and left it out.

Would I knit this again?: I love the sweater itself, but all of those petals and the million ends to weave in was a major pain. Plus I am not sure how well all those ends will stay in as the sweater is in cotton. I would probably knit this sweater again without the petals however, because it was quite cute at this stage. The recepient of the sweater (with a baby due any day) liked it however, so it was worth the effort.

I plan to update with more finished objects over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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