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I had high hopes for my socktoberfest. I planned to finish a bunch of pairs of lonely socks, but only managed to complete two pairs of sockwars socks (started by other people) and, just a few moments ago, these STR lagoon, garter rib socks for my brother’s birthday gift, only about two months late. They would have been finished on Saturday, but the Munich airport confiscated my knitting needles. They found them more weaponlike than the metal knives they gave us on the plane.


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Tiny update

My blog has been quiet for more than a week as I was in Switzerland for a work conference.  The science conference was up in the mountains, in the tiny town of Les Diablerets.  I’ll post more about the trip soon (and the awesome scarf I received from the Funky Scarf Swap just before I left), but right now I’m suffering from the remaining bits of jetlag, along with being bogged down by some sort of flu virus picked up along my journey.

This is the view from my room at the conference.  It was so beautiful there, it seemed almost fake.

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Ever since my step-sister and her husband visited, Evan’s been really wanting to go to Monterey. (Jenn and Jeff went to Monterey when they visited us with a friend of Jeff’s and came back raving about the awesome aquarium there.) As per Evan’s birthday request, we loaded up the car and headed out to Monterey the Saturday before last.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium did not disappoint. We got there early enough that there weren’t huge crowds, so we had front row seats for watching the divers feed the fish (including some sharks) in the kelp forest.

I got to see lots of two of my favorite sea creatures, jellies and sea anemones.

After a leisurely lunch and a walk around old town (including through the very cute Rip Squeak gallery), we completed 17 mile drive. I’d heard people complain that the drive got old quickly, but I never get tired of beautiful coastlines (or checking out fancy-schmancy houses for that matter). By the time we got home at the end of the day, the tranquility of Monterey had rubbed off on me and I honestly felt like I’d been on vacation.

In stark contrast to the lovely day in Monterey was our day battling the crowds at the Half Moon Bay Harvest Festival. I’ve been wanting to go to this festival since we drove through Half Moon Bay over a year ago, when I was visiting the area in anticipation of accepting a job offer here. I had visions of strolling through quaint pumpkin farms, waiting for The Great Pumpkin to appear.  I’m always hoping for those slightly cheesey, but ever so endearing small-townesque experiences (that is why I am a total sucker for parades, the smaller the better).  Unfortunately, about fifty bazillion people had the same idea I did, so it took two hours to drive there (rather than the twenty minutes it usually takes) and two hours to get back.   Once at the festival, it was CROWDED.  Luckily, the parade made the whole trip worthwhile with its dressed-up kids, Kool-aid Man, and the giant pumpkin.  Despite the crowds, my longing for small town goodness was met.

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I’ve been aknittin’

I don’t know if I’ve posted recently about all of the various projects I am currently working on.

First off, I’ve completed two more pairs of sockwars socks.  The second pair, started by Cindy, was used to kill cooknknit.  I  knit all but an inch of the tan portion of the blue cuff sock and all of the tan cuff sock. I didn’t have enough of the blue yarn th make them match, but luckily cooknknit appreciated the mismatch nature of the socks.

Last night I received cooknknit’s unfinished socks for Denise.  I’m not sure who knit on these before her.  When I got them, they needed a kitchener of the first sock, and the heel and foot of the second sock needed to be completed.  I was able to complete these last night, but have been unable to mail them because I don’t have the address needed.  Very frustrating.  I love these socks and wish that I was being killed with them.  The yarn is Limbo Mexiko and the colorway number is 2583.  It’s a superwash DK weight yarn.

I’ve also been working on a pair of socks for my brother.  I originally knit him one sock and found it to be too big (but perfectly Evan sized), so I’ve started him a new pair using socks that rock medium weight yarn in the lagoon colorway.  I’ve never knit with this yarn before and I am loving it.  It’s turning out moderately striped.

In more boring knitting, I finally got up the gumption to pick up all those edge stitches and get started on the body of the Samus cardigan.  You can’t tell from the picture, but I am about up to the armpits.  To minimize the amount of finishing I have to do, I’m planning to knit the sleeves in the round and attach them raglan style.  Stay-tuned to see how it turns out.

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Evan’s birthday was Friday.  When we visited Evan’s parents over Labor Day weekend, Evan’s mom kept saying “29?! 29?!  Evan…you’re 29?!”  For some reason the idea that Evan was 29 (although he was actually 28 when she was reiterating this fact) seemed to bewilder his mother.  The fact that we were 19?!, 19?! when we were first together is the more baffling fact to me.  I feel like we’ve earned our age.  I do , however, love the fact that Evan is fifty-three days older than me, and thus has to get old before me every year.

To celebrate Evan’s last year as a twenty-something, we went to see Paul Simon at the Berkeley Greek Theatre on Friday night.  Despite owning his concert cds, neither of us had actually seen him live.  The concert was a delight.  He did a beautiful job of arranging the music so that songs, which were old favorites, were given new life.  My favorite moment was when, about halfway through the song “Me and Julio down by the schoolyard,” a bunch of the previously seated audience members ran up to the front of the stage and started dancing.  Few things make me smile bigger than spontaneous dancing.

For the past few days Evan has been singing “Who’s gonna love you when your looks are gone?” almost perpetually.  It’s probably because the song is quite catchy, but just in case, I’m glad I’m fifty-three days younger.

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Knitterly Delights

As the weeks following sock wars continue on, I meet my mailbox each evening with an equal mix of anticipation and dread. Will this be the day that I am killed with a wonderful pair of handknit socks?

So far, it hasn’t happened, but in the last few days, I have been met with a couple of knitterly delights.

On Friday (after a glorious evening spent at a Paul Simon concert), I came home to find a box from my second sock syndrome swap pal, Maleah. Not only did she adapt the mata hari sock pattern to knit me a sock in some lovely plush koigo, she sent me a bunch more sock yarn and some chai tea.

Tonight, I came home to find a package containing stitch markers I ordered from good to be girl. As Evan was digging the rest of the mail out of the mail box, he says to me, oh, you’ve got another package. I instantly think “DEATH SOCKS,” but it turned out to be a package from my sockret pal (this swap only start a couple of weeks ago, so she is totally on the ball).  I think I’m going to take him to work with me, so that he doesn’t get lost in the magnet oblivion of my fridge.

Thank you so much, awesome swap partners.

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First off, I want to thank everyone that visited my blog earlier to give me feedback on the first version of this scarf.  Taking people’s comments and suggestions in mind, I ended up knitting a new flower for the scarf.  I thought about adorning the scarf itself with either beads or something, but with the new (larger, more color conflicting flower) I thought it was a bit over the top.  I think that the scarf could be a tad longer (the picture actually makes it look shorter than it is), but I’m not really sure how to add on to a felted item like this without it looking kind of patchwork.  The flower is detachable (pined on) so the scarf can be work with or without it.  I really hope that my pal will be happy with this version of the scarf.

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