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There are so many personality flaws that I could write about here, but I thought I would write about my gift receiving issues.

I love giving gifts.  I love spending time making or finding the perfect something for someone.  On the other hand, I am not a good gift recipient.  Well, that is not entirely correct, I am not a good gift recipient when it comes to gifts from my husband.  I am embarrassed about how horrible I am.

Evan tries really, really hard to please me at gift giving occasions.  One of the first Christmases we were together, he gave me a water filter pitcher (because he knows that I am bad about drinking enough water and he wanted to make the process more palatable to me) and a huge set of gel pens (because I really love gel pens), but I wanted something more smooshy/lovey/gooey and thus wasn’t happy.

One year, Evan gave me this really nice tabletop easel because I had been playing around with painting.  I cried, not because of the thoughtfulness of the gift, but because I felt like he was pressuring me to be some great artist.

A couple of years ago, Evan gave me a nice quilt for my birthday, but I made him take it back because it wasn’t the specific one I had told him I had wanted.

Last year for my birthday, Evan gave me a digital camera.  My old camera kept turning itself off when I was trying to take a picture and he knew it had been driving me crazy.  I kept the camera in the box for a few days while I considered whether I was being too greedy to want a new digital camera when my other one was still mostly functional.  (This is another personality quirk of mine.  I hate getting a new version of something,  if I already have it, even if my old version is pretty much dead.  I feel guilty because it feels like cheating to me.)  When I opened up the camera, I didn’t even take it out of the box to look at it.  I just set it aside.

The fact that Evan even bothers to give me gifts at all is a testament to the truly wonderful man that I married.  I certainly don’t deserve them.


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After we got married, Evan and I stopped really celebrating our anniversary of becoming a couple.  Today, however, marks our tenth anniversary and I think it is worth celebrating the fact that the relationship of a couple nineteen year old kids has lasted this long.

It’s been a great ten years.

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In my role as Guest Blogger for Periodic Mumbling, I think it is important to try to stay within the themes that have already been established. Reading through the blog, it seems that these themes are: knitting, cats, craftiness, and flowers. I’m going to have to stick with the subject of cats due to my lack of experience with any of the other themes. In this post, I will outline a fun, cat-based project that you can work on while your spouse is away.

How to Rename Your Cats

This simple project requires only perserverence and time. Don’t even try it if you have less than two weeks available. Here is how it is done. Simply refer to your cats with their new names for at least two weeks. Make sure you don’t slip and use an original name; this will result in a cat that answers to the old AND the new name, thus chaos will ensue. Meet our newly named cats:





You can use these names as well. If you have three cats, consider naming the third Spinderella, then you’ll have the entire 80’s/90’s hip-hop supergroup Salt-N-Pepa. Other potential new names: Ludacris, Eminem (could be for one or two cats), Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five (six cats only!), and Roland. Be careful not to “Push-It” too far.

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So I said that I would blog about anything good we made with our CSA.  I got an email from America’s Test Kitchen a couple of weeks ago for a recipe for Campanelli with Asparagus, Basil, and Balsamic Glaze.  Evan first attempted the recipe a couple of weeks ago, but accidentally over reduced the balsamic glaze,which he didn’t realize until after he had added it to everything.  We ended up with salad that night.  Evan attempted the recipe again last night.  I am so glad he did, because it was soooo good.  He did end up leaving out the basil at the last minute because the stuff we picked up at the store was bitter, but the pasta was great without it.  Evan said that it was really quick to put together.

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I’ve been lucky enough to marry a man who makes me laugh every single day.
The other night I felt a pain on the side of my tongue. I stuck it out so that Evan could see if there was some sort of wound there.
“There’s a little hole there,” he says. “It’s the perfect size for one of those little worms to live in. That’s probably what it is…a worm hole.”
The conversation continued as Evan pondered what it would be like to have a worm living in his tongue.
“The worm could tell me if what I was eating had poison in it. Of course I would have to say…Too late Worm, the poison is already in my mouth.”

Those of you that know Evan will not be surprised in the least at this story as Evan is known amongst friends and family as having quite a fascination for all things related to parasites. For awhile, he had a parasite blog going on his myspace page, but it died out when he actually got a job and had to work for a living. And, while he does not have an MD, he believes himself to be an expert in all thing medical (well, really all things in general), so of course he would first diagnose a parasite and then ponder how helpful said parasite might be.

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Valentine’s Day 1997

I’ve been reading through the comments on Cara’s post soliciting Valentine’s stories.  This got me thinking about all of the Valentine’s Days I’ve spent with Evan.

Ten years ago, I spent my first Valentine’s Day with Evan.  It was my first year at Reed and I had broken up with my high school boyfriend the week before.  I would be lying if I didn’t say that the cute guy that lived downstairs from me didn’t have some influence on that decision.  I also knew that this cute guy had a girlfriend back home, but I still took every opportunity to spend time with this cute guy, hoping that out of sight would mean out of mind.  (I was not this lucky, however, because while I ate the majority of my meals with Evan that spring semester, many of these meals were spent with Evan hunched over a letter from this girl back home.)

During this somewhat lonely time in my life, I spent a lot of time coming up with excuses to visit the floor below me where Evan lived, in hopes of bumping into him.  Plus all of my friends lived on that floor, so they also gave me an excuse to hang out there.

On Valentine’s Day (which was a Friday that year), I gathered up all my laundry to do, as the laundry room was on the floor that Evan lived on.  I walked down the hallway of Evan’s floor and it was dead.  Completely dead.  Not a person in sight.  I remember my heart sinking a bit as I thought about a long Friday night, alone in my dorm room, curled up with my HUM 110 reading.

When I walked into the laundry room, however, there was Evan.  We got to talking and ended up spending the evening making prank calls and drinking slurpees from the nearby 7-11.  Not exactly the way you hope a Valentine’s night spent with your unrequited love will go, but it was fun nonetheless.

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It’s off to Oregon we go

Around this time of year, Evan started obsessively checking the weather forecast for central Oregon. His extended family has gathered there for the last twenty-seven years. I have very much enjoyed joining his family tradition, cooking for the masses, drinking good wine and playing board games or cards, and sitting curled up with a book next to the roaring fire. (There is always a race amongst Evan and his brothers over who starts the first fire. Evan the pyro typically wins.) One of the things I enjoy most about this holiday weekend is getting to observe my mostly serious husband anxiously await any sign of snow. I grew up hating snow, but Evan’s love for it has rubbed off on me.

I want to wish all of my blog readers a happy, stress-free Thanksgiving. If any of you knitters out there have some free time over the long weekend, you might want to consider knitting for firefly’s gracious parcels project. I will be.

Oregon in the fall.

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