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2008, finally

I know that this has been a dark little corner of the internet the last couple of months. The end of last year brought a number of heartbreaking events to people close to me. I didn’t (and don’t) really feel that any of these stories were mine to share about on this blog. It also didn’t really feel right to write a bunch of frilly posts about knitting or other mundane life bits when poeple I am close to were hurting and I was hurting for them, so I left this blog quiet.

I am happy to leave 2007 behind and start again fresh. I just got back from a week in Kauai with Evan and his whole family. I snorkeled for the first time and I was surprised to discover how much I liked it. I hope that this new year brings more incredible firsts for me and for any of you still stopping by to read this blog.

Also, I am still looking for one more person for the Pay It Forward thing. I already have Jenny and fillyjonk, but I need one more.


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Tonight we’re off for a week of fun in the sun.  I haven’t taken a vacation since I moved here in December 2005 and I am very much looking forward to this one.  (Well, technically I took a week off at Christmas last year, but all of the stops/staying with family/driving, etc… made it not much of a vacation.)

Hopefully we won’t be eaten by dinosaurs, a giant Yeti, or Jaws.

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I returned from Northampton, MA last week, but have been too lazy to post. Well, I really I was too busy adoring this tiny baby, who was visiting last week to post. We have friends moving to the bay area next month and one of them came down for a visit to scope things out. She was kind enough to bring this tiny baby along:

Pretty much no knitting got done during their visit because when I have to pick between holding and/or mooning over a little tiny baby, the baby wins every time.

Despite my strong desire to curl up on the couch with my mystery stole 3 project,  I needed to post today because I got the most awesome monkey sock swap package from Kris and had to share.

She knit me a beautiful pair of monkey socks. They are a perfect fit and the colors are oh so nice.

Along with the socks, she sent a wonderful assortment of monkey objects. A project bag, a super cute monkey sippy cup, stickers, a tiny monkey toy, a monkey magnet, monkey page markers (with a monkey on one side and a banana on the other), an adorable monkey dish towel that even has a bit of grass fringe on it. Not only did she send all this monkey stuff, she send a cuddle-worthy skein of sundara sock yarn (bird of paradise colorway), chocolate (YUM!) and a tube of cookie dough flavored lip gloss (double YUM!). In her note, Kris was kind enough to compliment Evan’s lone blog post (he was sad that no one commented on his post, so decided that none of my readers appreciated his sense of humor and never posted again). Thank you so much, Kris, for sending such a great package.

Tomorrow my family comes for a week or so visit, so I probably won’t be blogging for yet another week. I promise that one of these days I really will get around to writing about numerous finished objects, my time in Northampton, and whatnot.

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Tomorrow I leave for a two week trip to Massachusetts, so I’ve been spending all of my free time with my husband or furiously knitting, as I won’t have much contact either of them during my trip. I have a major backlog of complete knitting projects to blog about, but haven’t had the time to actually blog about them. It’s a bummer because I have a number of projects from the last couple cycles of project spectrum that I never got around to blogging about, like my blue Samus sweater and the completed Cecilia sweater.

I thought I’d briefly share some socks that I completed for Evan a couple of weeks ago. They fit into last month’s project spectrum as they have a great deal of both pink and green. I knit these plain vanilla socks using Schaefer Anne.

I promise that when I come back to share more completed projects and perhaps some pictures of Massachusetts.

In the interim, Evan has agreed to do some guest blogging here. I have no idea what topics he may cover. His interests range from parasites to politics and from cooking to robots. He does know how to knit, but I can pretty much guarantee that his posts will not be knitting related.

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Point Reyes

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Evan and I went with a co-worker on Sunday to visit Point Reyes Lighthouse.  We’d been to the general area before, but had never made the trek out to the lighthouse.

The winds that day were crazy, so they had shut down the stairs to the lighthouse for safety.  This is as close as we got.

While visiting the lighthouse Rob and I saw a whale, but Evan didn’t see it.  Evan considers himself quite the Beastmaster, so it a bit of a blow (ha, ha) to his wildlife-spotting ego to have missed the whale.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture, but I did take some shots of some of the other creatures of Point Reyes, like cows….



and quails.

We’ve been such slugs for so many weekends that it was really nice to get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and breathe that new spring air.

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Here comes the sun

I have noticed a lot of grumbling in the blogosphere about this earlier daylight savings time. While I never enjoy losing a hour of sleep, I have to say that having daylight later in the day is making me feel recharged. This weekend Evan and I decluttered. I organized my knitting crap into a consolidated corner rather than piles of yarn and knitting supplies distributed in random piles and bag around the house. We opened all the windows and let the house breathe. It was so refreshing.

I haven’t really had a chance to blog about our trip the previous weekend to San Antonio. We saw a few of the sights around town, including many of the area’s original missions and, of course, The Alamo. We did a long wander along RiverWalk. Much of the walk was full of air force men and women in uniform and their families. I was once again struck by how very young they all looked. It was both heartwarming and heartbreaking to see all of the hugging and squeezing and kissing of these service men and women by their family.

The boys were kind enough to let me visit a San Antonio yarn store. Yarnivore is only a short distance from our friend’s home. The proprietor of the store is very friendly and the store, while not huge, had a great assortment of yarns. A bit of everything. I left with a couple of skeins of debbie bliss baby cashmerino (for the knit-off) and a couple of skeins of j. knits sock yarn. I will definitely be back the next time we visit.

Mostly the weekend was a chance to get to see where our friends will be living, where their careers will take their next steps and where their baby will be born. Plus, I got to hear the hearty boy giggle that Evan has when he and B get together and talk about their ridiculous things. It was a good trip.

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Is it just me or do the holidays always seem like they’ll be better than they actually are? For the last ten days, Evan and I have been on the road, visiting family through Washington and Oregon. For me and my control freak ways, it has been difficult to give up nearly all control of the who/what/wheres of my life.

I would like to say that I handled the season of family juggling with poise and grace, but that would be a lie. My grace broke down on Friday night (“Christmas eve” with my in-laws), when I stormed away from the dinner table after my repeated requests to talk about something other than how the rash of weather related deaths in the Pacific Northwest (climbers, the Kim family, carbon monoxide poisoning due to indoor generator use, etc…) lately would not have occured with more common sense were ignored. I personally can’t think long on this topic without feeling horrible and the combination of the conversation and tomato aspic salad proved to be my breaking point.

Despite the chaos of family (or perhaps because of it), I have been knitting. I have completed the entire front of the mommy snug sweater (not shown) for a dear friend and pair of RPM socks that were knit using socks that rock garnet dreams to continue the sock a month challenge. They were originally knit for my sockret pal, but they fit me perfectly, so their fate remains to be determined.

Tomorrow, we head home to our own bed, our own cats (Evan and I have both been bitten by cats we’ve been visiting), our own kitchen, our own life.  I’m looking forward to beginning year number two in the bay area.

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