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Miss E

Evan and I have really adjusted to life in the bay area.  This might be apparent by the fact that I never seem to have time to post anything any more.  Our social life and general outlook improved greatly when our friends from graduate school moved here in August with their children.

The thing that is still hard for me, after living here for over two years, is being so far from my family.  When I was in Oregon, I could visit on a moments notice.  The day my sister went into labor, I was able to drive up and arrive only an hour or so after she was born (she had a fast delivery).  My sister is going to have a second baby in July.  I’m sad that I won’t have the same accessibility to the new one’s baby years as I have had with my niece.

My mom and niece came down for a visit over president’s day weekend.  Despite the fact that my niece was suffering from a pretty nasty cold, we were able to have a pretty nice time cuddling, putting together a puzzle (over and over again), terrorizing both the cats and Uncle Evan with tickles.  Ever since she could communicate, my niece has been pretty adamantly opposed to getting her photo taken.  I have to resort to kinnearing her most of the time.

This visit I especially appreciated how she sings her way through the day (much like her Uncle Evan), her cackling real laugh, and the fake laugh that she uses to convince you of something, like to rent a ridiculous movie at the video store.  I see a lot of plane ticket in my future because I really don’t want to miss these moments with her or the new one.


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I never find myself in front of the computer anymore. I have had two main obsessions that have been keeping me away.

1) Secret of the Stole II. I am a pretty competitive person and thus often set unrealistic goals for myself. Last summer (the summer of the houseguest I like to call it) I signed up for mystery stole 3, but was never able to keep up with the weekly clues as I can’t knit lace and talk to people at the same time. I then signed up for secret of the stole last year, but never ended up even starting that project because I felt guilty about not finishing the mystery stole first, so when secret of the stole ii rolled around, I told myself that I would keep up with the weekly clues. I just finished clue 5, so I’m still meeting my goal…barely. Pretty huh?

2) The DS game Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I don’t even like playing video games, but Evan bought this game on Friday and I was pretty much obsessed with it the entire weekend. The game pretty much consists of a huge number of logic puzzles. I highly recommend it to anyone that likes logic puzzles.

It’s funny because when I bought Evan the DS for Christmas, I was concerned that it might be damaging to our marriage because he would be playing it when I wanted to be social. I wouldn’t have thought that the only damage to our marriage would be the bickering over whose turn it was to play Professor Layton.

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