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What’s on my needles?

I haven’t talked about what I’ve been knitting in forever, so I thought I’d take a bit of time before my ceramics class tonight and share the projects that I currently have on my needles.

Project 1: Stacy from Big Girl Knits; yarn: Tahki Yarns New Tweed, color 032; needles: addi turbos size 6 and 8

Status: Sleeve Island. Both the front and the back of this sweater went relatively quickly, but I started the sleeves over Thanksgiving. I think that all of the ribbing plus having to increase every four rows (i.e. keep track of where I am) plus knitting both at the same time is making these sleeves annoying to knit. I made myself work on them last night.

Project 2: Lenore socks, October STR pattern; yarn: STR lightweight, color Lenore; needles: addi turbos size 1 (two circs)

Status: Second sock started. I just discovered that I messed up the top of the first sock. I could rip out the second sock top so that it matches, but I like the top of the second sock better. This is my car and about the town knitting.

Project 3: Cambridge Jacket, IK Summer 2006; yarn: Karabella Yarns Aurora 8, color 138; needles: knitpicks options, size 8

Status: I am currently working on the fronts. I feel like between this sweater and the Stacy sleeve, I have altogether too much ribbed knitting going on. I really love the Aurora 8 yarn. It is smooshy and soft.

Project 4: Secret of the Stole 2; yarn: Baywood Yarns whipped creme, color cabernet; need;es: knitpicks options, size 5

Status: I finished clue 1 on Sunday, so I am completely caught up. I originally planned to use this yarn on the first secret of the stole, but had too many other things going on at the time. I think I’ll like this pattern better anyway.

Here’s a better picture of the yarn:


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2008, finally

I know that this has been a dark little corner of the internet the last couple of months. The end of last year brought a number of heartbreaking events to people close to me. I didn’t (and don’t) really feel that any of these stories were mine to share about on this blog. It also didn’t really feel right to write a bunch of frilly posts about knitting or other mundane life bits when poeple I am close to were hurting and I was hurting for them, so I left this blog quiet.

I am happy to leave 2007 behind and start again fresh. I just got back from a week in Kauai with Evan and his whole family. I snorkeled for the first time and I was surprised to discover how much I liked it. I hope that this new year brings more incredible firsts for me and for any of you still stopping by to read this blog.

Also, I am still looking for one more person for the Pay It Forward thing. I already have Jenny and fillyjonk, but I need one more.

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